7 Blogging Mistakes I Wish Had Never Made Before

People made mistakes in their daily basis, so in blogging especially as a beginner. Although, most of what you have published in your blog have positive message to the other, blogging has more than just writing and sharing. There are many things you have to do and worth trying to have a successful blog. Mistakes given us a lesson to be better in the next chances. Not just lamenting fate, but shall be dare to change them to achieve goodness. By knowing mistakes i have made before, hope they could help you avoiding the same things you will be dealing with. Continue reading “7 Blogging Mistakes I Wish Had Never Made Before”

My Top 3 Free Blog Platforms Recommendation to Start Your Online Journey

There are many reasons why I decided to make a blog, then write and share the contents online for free. Those are to give benefits if possible, sharing experiences, write some tutorials or guidance when using softwares, games, etc that maybe could help the learning process of other, as an online portfolio of your work, selling products and services, make money online or simply just want to stay connected with other beside using social medias.

Whatever reasons i and you have made, there are many of us now have at least one blog and the number is still increasing as i believed.

The high number of bloggers is also inseparable from the role of technology. Nowadays, you could update your contents using phone, maybe even if you are using the cheapest one. The internet subscription itself also came with price that many of us could afford. And, this also will get cheaper if you are in area or room with free Wi-Fi. As if the world is yours. Continue reading “My Top 3 Free Blog Platforms Recommendation to Start Your Online Journey”