7 Blogging Mistakes I Wish Had Never Made Before

People made mistakes in their daily basis, so in blogging especially as a beginner. Although, most of what you have published in your blog have positive message to the other, blogging has more than just writing and sharing. There are many things you have to do and worth trying to have a successful blog. Mistakes given us a lesson to be better in the next chances. Not just lamenting fate, but shall be dare to change them to achieve goodness. By knowing mistakes i have made before, hope they could help you avoiding the same things you will be dealing with. Continue reading “7 Blogging Mistakes I Wish Had Never Made Before”

6 Features Of Blogger Application For Android That Should Be Available

Today, i am going to talk a bit about Blogger app only for Android since i never access it using other phone’s Operating System (OS). The blogger app in here is the one and only that support blogging created by Google (Blogspot’s app). Not sure when the first time this app was published, as it can be grabbed for free in Play Store, now your blogging activity is even easier.

This article published by not knowing how hard it could be to make and build an android application for developer and engineers out there since i never have such experience. But, i ensure that it won’t lowing my appreciation.

This app indeed will be helpful to keep your blog posts updated on the go without have to deal with the big screen. It also very light to use which i think it won’t drain your battery. Another good thing why i will recommend this to you is you could minimize the distractions and keep focusing in writing your posts, different with using your phone browser that may cause you tempted by add more new tab to find other interesting informations. Continue reading “6 Features Of Blogger Application For Android That Should Be Available”