5 Basic Things To Make A Better Blog As I Have Experienced, So Far

As a blogger, you need to think about how to build a successful blog. Successful here are various. You may say that your blog have many loyal readers or subscribers and maybe can help you earn money online through ads network like Google Adsense or sell your online services. Whatever reasons you are making to build a better blog, improving your blog capabilities can give you a bigger chance to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

When i first time started a blog using free platform, i was blinded by the term of how easily to get the Dollars. I was wrong since the blog i made is not providing quality contents for the human (readers) and also built it with the wrong SEO techniques that never put me in the first page of Google (search engine).

As result, instead of earning from blog, i lost most of my precious thing, TIME. The blog itself is never get deindex’s penalty, but without a loyal readers, i need more extra times to build it again. Even, it is easier to build the new one than keep it running.

So, in this article, i’ll run down 5 things to be considered to make your blog built better which also the important basic things you should know as a beginner. As these are my experiences, i hope all of them will help you in the future especially preventing the wrong ways that can affect your blog’s health.

5 basic things to make a better blog


1. Make your blog’s name easily to remember

Naming your blog that later become your online address is as easy as ABC. If that will be personal blog, you can simply use your name if still available. But, if you plan to make it as an online business, you may want to think twice since it will be your brand’s name in the future. I mostly confused by whats domain name should be used for this blog, so i simply used my nickname and reverse it a bit because i think it will be easy to be spoken and remembered. I don’t know you, but that what i’ve thought.

The names i always using are mostly avoiding the dash signs and numbers. Since i never plan to use them in my brand or products and services if i have in the future, they are also confuse enough for my friends to type it. For example, if your url is nucacuna100.blogspot.com. The way you tell it will be as usual, but the way your friends type it after telling them may be nucacunaonehundred.blogspot.com.

And, i believe the same thing will happen with the dash. I am pretty sure that you won’t also use name like xtdsyqgt.blogspot.com, right?

2. Use responsive blog theme

I don’t know how to create my own theme or template. But, since i used Blogger, it is really easy to make my blog responsive that can be accessed whether using notebook or phone. If your blog can be opened in a smartphone, it also can help you to reach more audiences. Furthermore, many of us now are hard to get away from phone that allows us to bring it to most places or spots we are visiting.

3. Get rid of unuseful widgets or gadgets

For your information, we are now living in year of 2017. And why i still finds blog with music or video running automatically in the background?! Most of them placed on the sidebar, on the right to be exact. If you place popular, random or recent posts, label or categories and keyword tags, and other widgets, they are ok since providing useful contents to the audiences. But, really? music?

Come on!

I know there are many widgets available to support your blogging activities, but it would be better and recommendable if we just use the one or two of them whom really have benefits to others. Somehow, mobile data charge in Indonesia for me is expensive. And, adding unuseful gadgets into your blog as example above really help me to reduce my limited internet data. Poor me😢

4. Register your blog to Google Webmaster Tool (Search Console) and Google Analytic

Google Search Console can help your posts being indexed very fast. I don’t know other, but as long as i am using blogspot, after used the “Fetch as Google” option for the new published post and update the Sitemaps in there, sometimes it only took about one or two minutes, my new post will be appeared in search engine and ready to compete with other articles. You can also consider to sign up your blog’s URL to the other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

There are also many benefits in using webmaster tool. You can monitor your broken links and fix them, see the keywords of your audiences used and see how popular of your keywords in certain country, check your backlinks, where you are targeting the visitors and many many more.

Google Analytic is also really powerful especially when dealing with audiences audit. The two of analytical alternatives that other bloggers use as i know are Histats and Alexa. Feel free to use one or combine them all if needed. So far, i just use one which is from Google.

5. Share quality content that you can publish

When this article published, there are 6 contents that still be in my Draft. Still not sure when to share them. Some of them are ready to be shared and other not completely written yet. Until today, i don’t pay too much attentions to how to write a quality content or article (SEO’s content) to help my article placed on the first page of Google for certain keyword. Not this time.

The competition is never end.

Since i just want to write and share the articles with all of you, so i just type the sentences down and don’t want to think about how many words in it. Whether it will only has one reader, it is not a matter at all. Some have been doing research that article contain more than 1.000 words will rank better and have a big chance to appears in the Google’s first page results. But, i don’t need that for my blog to be so.

I am pretty sure can write that long, but if i should apply the rule to all of my posts, it won’t and never been published. Now, there are two standards of my own quality content which are can be give benefits (i’ll try my best) and should be published. I won’t have more drafted posts.

For now, i also don’t need to spend my time to research the keywords using Google Keyword Planner since my experiment proved that i will still have audiences.

That’s all i did until today to make a better blog in my experiences. The first three points on the lists above can be done quickly when you decided to make a blog and the last two points will always be using until the end.

If you have a question, let me know in the comment below. Thank you for stopping by.

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