6 Features Of Blogger Application For Android That Should Be Available

Today, i am going to talk a bit about Blogger app only for Android since i never access it using other phone’s Operating System (OS). The blogger app in here is the one and only that support blogging created by Google (Blogspot’s app). Not sure when the first time this app was published, as it can be grabbed for free in Play Store, now your blogging activity is even easier.

This article published by not knowing how hard it could be to make and build an android application for developer and engineers out there since i never have such experience. But, i ensure that it won’t lowing my appreciation.

This app indeed will be helpful to keep your blog posts updated on the go without have to deal with the big screen. It also very light to use which i think it won’t drain your battery. Another good thing why i will recommend this to you is you could minimize the distractions and keep focusing in writing your posts, different with using your phone browser that may cause you tempted by add more new tab to find other interesting informations.

That’s the best parts of using this app and maybe still many more that i couldn’t mention.

But like many of apps that need to be improved, Blogger also has some of limitations that frankly really important to me. When i was first time trying the app, i thought it would be more helpful for not only writing and sharing your contents but also role in powering them in SEO practicing. I then realize that i was expecting too much.

I love the app’s design with its simple user interface and needn’t took me to spend many times to get to know the features or menus since it has only some of them. Actually, really lack of options. And i have runned them down below for at least 6 of what are Blogger app not yet have.

1. Image properties, placement and size

When you are writing in Blogger using your notebook’s browser like Google Chrome, you will know that there are 2 options in image properties feature which are Alt Text and Title Text. Alt Text helps search engines identified what the image is about since they are not human who can see and know exactly what it shows. Instead, you need to tell Google, Bing, etc in words that could represent the image itself. Add Alt Text to all of your images can also give you more chances to get the audiences that using image search. While Alt Text is good for search engines and SEO, Title Text will be better for the readers. Its text will be shown when you are hovering over the picture.

I think both image properties above really need to be puted especially in helping the blind readers that are using screen reader.

The image placement itself is fully handed to the app and there’s nothing you can do about it. It will aligned your image to the center, automatically. When i was trying it, my image also placed automatically after all paragraphs you have typed so it will only appears at the very end of your content. But, at least you can deal a bit about this if you want to add texts or paragraphs right after the image by saving your work into draft and edit it later. But again, another problem shows up. Since your image is in the center, so will be your next paragraphs until the last letter you write.

The image size also showed, automatically. There’s no idea for me which sizes are using, whether the original, small, medium, large or extra large one.

2. There’s no need for custom permalink. Nope!

I hope you are now getting used to be familiar with word “automatic” as i have used it some times above because that also what you will find in this second point. If you are mostly putting your targeted keywords at the front after your domain name, then you need to deal with the title of your post by using the Blogger app.

For your information, Blogger limited your URL length to maximum 40 characters and will created automatically by using your first words of post title. So, if you have words contain irrelevant targeted keywords, you may want to think about it again. But, if you are not aware of using this one of many SEO techniques, simply keep on using the app!

3. Wouldn’t it be better if my post has search description, would it?

Search description is a summary of each contents you published and shown in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) in form of sentences. As it describes what your post is about, it is recommended that you also put your keywords in there to support your post has chance to be clicked in Google and ranked better so you will have even more traffics and maybe backlinks if you in luck.😄

But, not today, not in Blogger app. There is still no such feature.

4. Where the heaven are you, Jump Break? My whole homepage covered by the long one new post

For short, one of jump break’s function is to cut out the words or paragraphs of your content that will appear in your homepage and mostly people will find the “Read more” link if your readers willing to read the whole. Without jump break, if you used the old template of Blogger, you’ll find that all of your certain number of posts will be fully covered in homepage. This feature should have been awarded if the bloggers have to vote and i hope Google will put it in, later.

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5. Headings

Imagine publishing a listicle about “10 best cities to visit in Indonesia” and each cities should be written – let’s say in subheadings, so your post has something interesting to look at and not to get your readers being bored. Meanwhile, headings are also beneficial in help improving your good SEO’s practice and hope your blog will be more popular over time. I think this feature should has been in the app since first time, knowing this is as one of the basic feature in writing.

6. Link attributes

As far as i know, there are two common type of links which are an Internal and External link. You put internal links from your post to other posts or pages available in your blog, while the external one given to the other blogs or sites. Both of the link are also divided into two attributes which are DoFollow and NoFollow. I hope i could explain about them in the future.

The thing is, even though Blogger have included the link’s feature in its application, you still can’t make various type of links in your posts. In other hand, different link attributes can affect your blog’s popularity. And, putting only one of both attributes is not recommendable base on their functions.

I believe you will think that we can’t only depending on Blogger app to share all of our thoughts, but also combine it using your installed browsers in your notebook or PC to implement all needed features in your post. Especially knowing that most of us can’t be traveling everyday for the rest of year.

Above six features that are not yet available in the Blogger’s application for Android surely will make me still keeps the installed app in my phone in case when sharing contents only with texts or paragraphs. I mean, there still times to edit your posts for later, right? Or, simply just save them in your draft.

Any of you must have other thoughts and experiences about this, so please let me know in comment below.

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