PHOTOs: Baubau City View From The Top At Sunset

Baubau is one of the city in Province of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. In addition to the other neighboring cities and regencies, the city is also flanked by several islands around it that make it as an archipelago such many other regions spread in eastern of Indonesia.

To enjoy the beauty of the archipelago in here is very easy. Just by riding a motorcycle about 10 minutes from the center of the city and heading to east, you’ll find some villages on the hill and find your own space to see the landscape.

This time, i can only share two photos of Baubau’s landscape i have taken before at sunset. Actually, there are more than 2 images, but i just realize that all of them are the same. The first photo below is a group of some pictures that i merged them into one using Photoshop.


And, the second which is the last one is:

Images above taken around 5 PM and in Indonesia, that time is still at afternoon. While the night time starts at 6 PM indicated by the sinking sun by the horizon. Hope you enjoy the view.

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