Beautiful Sight Behind Wameo’s Market In Baubau City, Province Of South East Sulawesi – Indonesia That Needs To Be Developed

Today i am going to share the beautiful sight or view behind Wameo’s Market located in Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi. As one of big market existed in this city, it serves thousands of buyers daily that causing one of environment problem which is the increasing of waste’s volume. Whether coming from the sellers or buyers themselves.

With minim of trash cans availability, the market now becoming more unhealthy and looks chaotic. Not to mention that it producing the highest rate of wastes in Baubau city.

Frankly, that condition can also be found in many other cities in Indonesia, although i hope it’s not the common thing that can only be remembered about my country which is still developing and keep on preparing the better future for generations to come.

I also hope that the images i’d love to share will encourage us to prevent other problems that may happen in the future. The sight or view you are about to see for me is beautiful and maybe you’ll feels the same.


The above image shown the sidewalk at behind of the market. What makes it beautiful surely will be the seascape plus the island. It shown that the sidewalk still not finished yet, especially the color of the pillars and its ceiling not yet painted by the developer. Don’t know what the problem is, but i think painting them shouldn’t take another massive budget. On the other side, I think the floor is done using the ceramics.
The fishing boats above not only used by the fisherman but also the sellers from other islands. Some of them are came from the same land with Baubau city but in a far distance. Boats parked as they wanted. I mean, you can choose wherever to anchored your boat in here. If there will be many boats, there won’t be any matter. But, if they well arranged or at least have small bridge, the place will looks more neat. In wavy season, the boats will collide each other and will touch the sidewalk’s cornerstone that caused them break even faster.
The sea beside the sidewalk is pretty shallow that you are safety to swim here. There are also some islands views in a distance that could be more attractive to enjoy especially on afternoon when the sun sets on the west.
I think that’s all for now since i am not observed much about what to be developed next to get the market has more beautiful views.
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