Best of Cellular Telecommunication Providers or Operators In Indonesia: This Is My Top 2 Recommendations That I Still Using

Yes, i have a phone. And, it needs a SIM Card. Although, choosing one of among many is not as difficult as buying phone’s brands or types, but if you are a foreigner and this is your first time visiting Indonesia, you may want to read about what cellular telecommunication providers or operators i am using in this archipelago country.

This is not a complete guide but only what i had been used and still using as my experiences.

Since there are about tens of thousands of islands spreading across this country, has a SIM Card that is always on and active for wherever you are, maybe is a must – although, not for all the times. But, if you are coming as a traveler and intend to visit many villages and may be the hinterland with all of their limitations including access to telecommunication, then this is my top 2 of what SIM Cards should you use that also become my own recommendation to you.

Both of what i am talking about are:

1. Telkomsel

2. Indosat

For your information, both as i mentioned above and will be talking about in this article are the pre-paid’s service.

Indosat well-known as its call and internet data charge is cheapest than the first one. Even, if you are using it with your friends that is also using like IM3 Ooredoo’s SIM Card that is one of the products of Indosat, you are free to call at any time without any charges. Completely FREE. I don’t have an idea what will happen in the future.

The only one thing that i concern the most about Indosat service is its poor network. If you are at big cities like Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Makassar or others, it won’t be a matter at all. But, when it’s come to the smaller towns, villages and hinterlands, i mostly found that even for calling your friends number, you may need extra patience.

You also may finds the same experiences when using the first provider which is Telkomsel. But, since its towers puted and spreaded until many hinterlands and even on the mountain, the problems will get minimized than another one.

The most thing that most of Indonesian concerning of until today about Telkomsel service is the cost you have to spend especially for the internet charge. Such other providers, the more you are at the eastern of this country, the more money you should spend out of your pocket.

This is also the common knowledge in my country where not only the telecommunication fees that is expensive but also most of the goods or items, even your daily needs.

The expensive of internet data charge of Telkomsel caused their website on April 2017 ago, being hacked. I won’t judge that the act was right, but it might make them think twice and reconsider of what they have given to their customers.Both providers will always giving best services as i believe.

But, if you ask me which one i will always be using, the answer is Telkomsel. Why?For many past years, i have came in and out of hinterlands whether on vacation or just coming by to new friend’s house that required me to stay connected with other friends, families and colleagues.

So, you know that i only have one option.

I know this article has no price comparison because it will always be changing all the times, so simply just keep updates by calling the provider service center numbers. If you have another thought, let me know about it. Thank you for stopping by here.

Do you have other experiences than mine?

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