My Blog Fully Approved By Adsense In Only A Day, This Is What I Do

Does your blog has fully approved by Google Adsense? For some people (bloggers), maybe getting your blog approved by Google Adsense is not something special. But for me, that was one of the best achievements I’ve ever had after decided to make a blog and shared some contents that I wrote myself.

Not without reason, this is because I was trying several times (probably, not up until 10 times) to sign up and the results were; repeatedly accepting rejections with some non-specific excuses. Not to mention, many blog owners in Indonesia were also experiencing the same, so that there are many social media’s groups and online forums still make this topic seems to be never end.

Some bloggers seeing this condition as an opportunity to make a profit that clearly violates the Google Adsense rules which is making the “undercover transaction” (buy and sell) the account. I’m not judging, you know? Mostly, they are doing it by using facebook and some of messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Line, etc and also getting in touch by phone and email.

The prices are various, but at least you’ll spend a minimum amount of $25 USD for a fresh new account (by estimated that $1 USD equals to 13.000 in Rupiah). And, that only for an Indonesian account publisher alone since there is also another type called as the premium one which is the US adsense account. That will cost you until more than $100 usd. And if you have an US account that approved about 7 to 10 years back, the price will rise up to $1.000.

Those are what i have found and read in many popular forums in Indonesia and the prices mostly for the non-hosted account (registered using Top Level Domain). I don’t know why this is happening, but believe me, it is what it is.

I’m not telling you to do that, but the choice is yours plus with the consequences. Although it is an interesting business, it is better NOT to sell the account.

Oh, no. Don’t you dare to do that!

How my blog get approved by Google Adsense?

Let me get this straight about why you were here, the reason(s) why you are now reading this. Probably and surely, you have an issue. Whether you may be doubt of getting rejection, nor you still want to find the secret recipes of how to get approved quickly. The thing is, sometimes our fears are took over and in many cases, you never need any of those “monsters” you have created in your mind.


Because that also what i have felt first time right before registering my blog to get the adsense account and took me some times to think and afraid that the wordpress blog that i have purchased by buying a domain name and its hosting will not be accepted since it’s not the cheap one for my budget. Then, the question came up; how long to wait?

And the answer is: the sooner, the better.

If you have published for at least one article in your blog and intends to have the adsense account, plus have published one or more navigation pages to help your readers such as about page, contact, etc, then go now to sign up for adsense.

But if you still won’t to do that and want to know how my blog get approved, i’ll tell you the condition or about this blog’s state earlier, read the following lists below!

1. I have about more than 20 articles and I am sure, some of them are NOT the qualified contents as you have now

Look. There are many bloggers accepted by only published 1 article in their blog and you can find them online easily. At least, I have found many articles about it in my language. So, this should also be the answer if you are asking about the minimum article required. I also believe that Google itself never mentioning about this before.

Above, i have told that among of my 20 published articles are not the quality contents by realizing that some of them not reach until 300 words.

2. But, those are my original contents

Writes an original content is a must for me, especially dealing with Adsense registration. Avoid using not-free images licensed is also a must to appreciate the copyright and so you are not get caught for using materials you should never published.

Generally, the originality of your posts also means to paid attention to the duplicate contents in your own site. And, the simple and quick way to do that is by using site like There you will see the percentage of duplicate contents in your whole blog. Before i sign up for Adsense, i think i’ve got about 7 % and i think it was a fair number.

3. Use Top Level Domain (TLD) and also purchase a hosting plan

Each rejections from adsense reply that landed in my email are signed up using sub-domain blog (Blogspot). I have published original contents and not using the copyrighted materials such as images, not disobeying the rules at all. But, still …

“… Sorry, try again later!”

I then create another blogspot, but the result remain the same.

Since i want to take blogging a bit serious, i decided to buy a blog domain and hosting for a year. I also have some curiosities about using wordpress (.org) since many expert bloggers keep recommending it.

“How does it feels when installing a plugin?”

“Will I look like a cool web programmer with glasses like in a movie when i am using it even when i don’t know what it is?”

And many other useless questions in my mind. And, many of them are embarrassing. You know, some modern technology stuffs, right!?

All of my blogspot contents then imported to my new WP blog and about a week later, i decided to fill the adsense forms application. The next day, i got an email from adsense which usually takes up to 3 days work for their team to send a reply. And, thanks God…

Congratulation! Your account now is fully approved

I bought the domain and hosting last december of 2017. And, many of registrars usually give a promo for new year. I then bought other 2 domains for my brother and cousin to redirect other 2 blogspot blogs for custom domain and re-apply for adsense. Both of them are also fully approved.

Now, my BIG HOMEWORK is: How to reach the minimum payment threshold which is $100 USD? Keep on posting?

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