Apparently, Blogging Is A Good Distraction For Me From Some Problems In My Life – What About You?

Problems are every where. They could come to you in any conditions. No matter who you are – good person or the opposite, everyone has their own problems in life. The ways we are treating troubles are various. Some of them capable to solve them fast, some need more times, and other decided to forget them for awhile to earn the energy and back to face them one by one.

Some of us put ourselves in traveling such as hiking, swimming and diving, or simply just reading the favorite book. We could also choose to pray and ask God to help us gathering the strength to face problems which is the better one.

As well as blogging that can also become as one of our among many alternatives existed to rest our body and mind for awhile, think the other positive acts and share it with the world.

As long as you blog about the positive things, i believe it will also¬†help you burdening your shoulder – minimize the problem that you already have. That is one of what i have did and felt. It is also a good karma where if you are doing or sharing good, you’ll be getting better or even more as its feedback.

I am not good in English since it’s not my mother tongue, but still i blog using this language. Why? Because it helps me understand the language and is getting better day after day. I think my vocabularies is also increasing. In my country especially when living in a small village, it’s hard to find who or where to practice your second language. And, blogging helps me through that.

Even today when i got a bit stressful mind, i’d never think before that i can published two short articles. What a good distraction for me! If other might think it’s just a simple thing, it’s ok. But for me, it is a good achievement.

Have a good life for all and happy positive blogging.

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