7 Blogging Mistakes I Wish Had Never Made Before

People made mistakes in their daily basis, so in blogging especially as a beginner. Although, most of what you have published in your blog have positive message to the other, blogging has more than just writing and sharing. There are many things you have to do and worth trying to have a successful blog. Mistakes given us a lesson to be better in the next chances. Not just lamenting fate, but shall be dare to change them to achieve goodness. By knowing mistakes i have made before, hope they could help you avoiding the same things you will be dealing with.

From what i have learnt and tested until today, i have listed down for at least 7 blogging mistakes that i myself wish had never made. Read all of them so you don’t need to experience the same as mine. As i have started a blog and still blogging using Blogger, some of them may related to this free domain’s blog.

1. Deleting the blog’s page

When you are using Blogger, there is one feature you can use to create the blog menus called as “Pages” that located on the left when accessing it using your browser. It will let you make page lists as needed such as Home, About and Contact’s page, etc. The page you are about to create will have automatic permalink using the title of your page. For example, if your page’s title is “Contact Me”, then its URL will be abcdefghijk.blogspot.com/p/contact-me.html.

I don’t know the reason why i deleted more than one of my pages before. But, when comes time to make again the same pages with the same titles, their URLs will be different with the earlier. If the first page’s address written as example above, then the new one will be likeĀ abcdefghijk.blogspot.com/p/contact-me_21.html. Yes, there will be underscore sign followed by the number addition in your URL. That also happening if you decided to remove the page and recreate it, the number will also keep on changing, randomly.

Even though, the page above will still being indexed in search engine, but for me it’s not as interesting as before.

2. Changing template or theme, frequently

As a beginner blogger, it is really tempting in learning and directly implementing the HTML codes as used in Blogger that provided by many bloggers in their tutorials. And applied the changes in my main blog contained with some posts that have many readers is the right way to get your audiences away. I think they were confusing in the way my blog looks and also the navigation.

So, i will recommend to you to just spend maybe about $5 to buy the premium template and straight focus in creating contents for your readers. Or simply use free template that you can easily finds online.

3. Forgetting about the internal links

Apart from external link you give to other blogs or sites, internal links in your post will be helpful to decrease the Bounce Rate of your blog where if there are many relevant or recommendation link to your other posts, your audiences will spend more of their times in there. That maybe will give you more chances to have loyal readers or subscribers so you can build your blog easily.

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4. Creating backlinks, carelessly

Backlinks are important to make your blog and posts rank better in SERPs. They are coming from other sites that putting one or two links inside the article and referring to your homepage or post where links as those are the best. Since, my writing is poor and less in promotion, there is no single backlink i got before. So, why not making them by myself?

I joined many online forums or comunities and was looking for sites that could be publish my article with only short summary of it and in the middle or end of paragraph i can insert the link to the original article. The result is, more spammy traffics are coming until today and keywords i have targetted never place me in the first page of Google.

I WAS WRONG. Today, i just keep on writing what i want without having to care about the rank but at least i’ve got backlinks from Google and the traffics keep on coming. Dealing with backlinks as one of SEO’s score is important. But, it will be better if i and you get them, naturally.

5. Creating too much social media account to promote blog posts

I have more than 5 social media accounts but i think not counted to 10. In the first place, i think it would be better to have some of them, wait and see which one or two are worked. Never thought before that i should also send friend request and preparing the materials. Facebook and Instagram are worked in driving me some traffics, but the other even never being touched again right after made the account. This is because i can’t control how long i will spend my times in social medias. There always interesting things in there that distract me from my blog plan.

Having many of accounts also did not worked well to me since it needs more extra times especially if you are doing it by your own. So, just creates one or two that you believe will bring beneficial for you and save your energy in gaining material of your posts, writing and also for editing. There are many important things than just playing around in Facebook.

6. Too much waiting for publishing the article

Look. If there is one thing you don’t know what is it that burdening your shoulder, when your article have been edited and completely finished, just click the publish’s button now! If you keep on saving your writing in your draft, i am afraid it will be sunk by other posts and made you never look at it again.

Being perfect is also never recommended. I mostly finds myself published the article right after it finished. And, after doing that, then i click its link and read it again. If you have thing to add or required you to re-edit it, then do it again.

7. Using large image size

Some posts may need more images than others. Since images will consume your hosting space and role in your blog’s waiting time (loading), you can use software like Photoshop to reduce the images size. The longer your blog’s loading, the faster your readers close their tab.

That’s all so far the important mistakes i shouldn’t made before and hope can help you avoid them all. If you have additional tips that provide the right way to start building a blog, share with other in comment below.

2 Replies to “7 Blogging Mistakes I Wish Had Never Made Before”

  1. Keep writing and forget about SEO or backlinks.

    A blogger is a writer, so we must focus on writing rather than thinking too much about how to make ourselves famous.

    The fame and money will come if we write good contents in our blog. Let readers judge. Meantime, let’s do our duty, to write and write.

    Well, that’s an opinion from an old blogger from Bogor. I don’t like what internet marketers says to focus on promotion or what SEO masters tell to prioritize optimizing your article with SEO technic. I just like writing and will keep my focus on how to write better and better everytime I write

    1. Really a good point, sir. And thanks for encourage me to write more than just dealing with SEO and other stuffs.

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