Komodo Liveaboard Package For Your Next Traveling Plan

Komodo liveaboard may seems as simple as living and traveling on the boat, but actually more than that you could be experienced. This traveling package is also one of the popular tour offer you could get when visiting the Komodo Island.

For those who don’t know a bit about the Komodo Island as well as the Komodo liveaboard, the places are where you can directly meet the komodo dragons where as I believe this is the biggest lizard on earth so far.

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Parachute Hammock Distributors Around The World

Parachute hammock distributors are everywhere. Although the hammock made of nylon is still becoming an arguable when dealing with the best type of products in the market up until today. But, no matter which one of your choice, if you still want to fall asleep under the stars or hang anywhere you like with your friends, I’ll help you in where you’ll get one or two of it.

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Lightweight Hammock For About $70, Does It Worth It?

Taking a lightweight hammock while traveling is really recommended especially when visiting the “land of nowhere” such as adventuring into the deep of forest, hiking to the top of the mountain, or simply just to relax your body whether at your backyard or another outdoor space like a public park if permitted for your refreshment. I have found that the hammock itself could be taken home in price of around $70. Whether it will be worth it or become one of your and my best traveling investment or not, we’ll dig into it a moment later.

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Some of the Special Things About Yogyakarta’s Region in Indonesia

Yogyakarta is one of the province in Indonesia. Its name called as Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Special Region of Yogyakarta). The name itself are various. People in Indonesia calling it as Jogja, Yogya, Ngayogyakarta, etc.

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Tomia Island In Wakatobi: 5 Photos Of Common Daily Sea View



As one of island that geographically located in Wakatobi Regency, Indonesia, Tomia Island provide sea view as its daily and common sight to please your eyes. I have taken many images before and mostly used phone since can’t afford the expensive one yet. Photographs you can see in this post may not the best, but i hope they can at least serve you informations about how the island looks and a bit seascape dream if you are planning to come here, someday. Continue reading “Tomia Island In Wakatobi: 5 Photos Of Common Daily Sea View”