My Top 3 Free Blog Platforms Recommendation to Start Your Online Journey

There are many reasons why I decided to make a blog, then write and share the contents online for free. Those are to give benefits if possible, sharing experiences, write some tutorials or guidance when using softwares, games, etc that maybe could help the learning process of other, as an online portfolio of your work, selling products and services, make money online or simply just want to stay connected with other beside using social medias.

Whatever reasons i and you have made, there are many of us now have at least one blog and the number is still increasing as i believed.

The high number of bloggers is also inseparable from the role of technology. Nowadays, you could update your contents using phone, maybe even if you are using the cheapest one. The internet subscription itself also came with price that many of us could afford. And, this also will get cheaper if you are in area or room with free Wi-Fi. As if the world is yours.

From many free blogging platforms that exist across the web, I can only give you 3 of them. Sometime, i think the one is better than others. Although, most of the times I find that i don’t really care which one is better to be used.

List of my 3 free blog platforms recomendation


As far as I know, free blog platform also known as sub-domain blog. Meaning that most of the blogs you will create are free hosted by the providers and will be used the provider name as the extention of your domain name (ex. Different with the Top Level Domain (TLD) that required you to buy the domain name with extension as you need (ex.

When you decided to buy a domain name for your blog – for me it means that you take blogging, seriously. It will make yours more professional and also could help build a brand for your blog. But, it doesn’t mean that blogging with sub-domain just a joke. Everything back to the bloggers theirself about the main reason why they starting it.

I don’t know exactly of how many free blog platforms still existed until today. But, among many, the list of three platforms i’d love to recommend to all of you are as follow:

1. (eg.

2. (

3. (

Why only 3 free blog platforms?


For me, above is the main question that i hope the reason i will give you is make any senses based on my experiences whether as a blogger or just an internet user. But, don’t take me as a professional blogger since i just a newbie in this online world. I mean it when i tell that to you. The reason i am talking about is their frequently appears in search engine result pages.

In my experiences of using search engine to find informations that i needed such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, whether using Indonesian language or English, the above 3 free blog platforms are often appearing in the page one of search engine covering various type of keywords. For me, this is a good sign. With all their limitations, i think if we build them right, they have been proven to compete with the TLD’s blogs or websites.

This is also the answer for any bloggers out there (especially me) that maybe couldn’t afford to buy the TLD’s domain.

The communities built in these 3 platforms are also have a bigger number and i am pretty sure that the amount is still increasing. They can be found in many forums and most of them also have their own blog that provided many informations for beginners and gladly to share their experiences and knowledges.

When they often appearing in search result page, they also will be built easily in the future especially when we are decided to transfer them into new TLD’s domains.

I could be wrong when mentioned the above reasons. But again, that just my experiences. You and others may have your own excuses as well. What i have mentioned also became my own fact since i have tested in my own subdomain blogs with just 20 articles, without looking for backlinks, no social medias share, but at least could catch thousands of visitor in a month.

That’s all my top 3 free blog platforms recommendation to start your online journey. If you have another thought, i’ll be happy if you want to share it in comment below. Thank you.

So, which one you have used before?

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