Get Traffics From Google To My Blog That Make Me Happy, This Is How I Did It And Will Still Use The Technique

Frankly, when my blog traffics reach thousands of pageviews (PV) in a month and they were coming from search engine like Google, that time is one of beautiful moment that worth celebration as i am only an amateur that less in experiences and knowledges. Especially, the blog i am talking about is still using sub-domain (Blogger/Blogspot) until today when i publish this article.

The amount of visitors are various. I am pretty sure that the number ranges are about 50 to 70 percent of the pageviews. Sometimes, the visitors are also decreased especially when in holiday’s season.

For your information, you won’t find my blog’s name and the exact number of visitors in this article because i also have other blogs that i have promoted in my social medias and get more spammy traffics. The blog alone is mainly created to test the SEO techniques i have learned from many content writers across the webs. And, since i have decided to go as an anonymous blogger, it also become one of reasons not to publish the blog’s address.

Many also have said and believed that if there is not even a single screenshot from the analytic tool like Google Analytics or others means what i have published is hoax. But, i simply won’t put my interest in there.

The blog i am talking about indeed has thousands of PV in a month that naturally came from Google. Until today, the blog itself have been published only 19 tutorials since it was a niche blog that i shared about Photoshop’s tutorials in my own language. As far as i know, when it reached 17 tutorials, there is not a single backlink i created to help rank up my articles.

I also believe that other bloggers even get more traffics from one article. But for the beginning, those PV is more than enough for me.

I made backlinks to my blog and hoped that could help me get more traffics. The thing is, that only a dream ’till today. The backlinks themselves are not even indexed. When i checked the Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool), there are only 2 links to my site. Those are from (163 links) and (1 link). I am pretty sure that the first one came from the blog’s internal links that most of my tutorials had. And i don’t know how i got the last one. Because i am using the Google’s product and it gave me like a present?! Hope you’ll give me the answers.

How i get the traffics?

Me and many bloggers must be knowing about Google Keyword Planner, right? Simply, that tool will helps us identifying how many of keyword volumes used by the internet users in certain times. If i find one or two keywords with high search volume and low competition, i maybe will get big chance to drive more visitors to my blog.

But, not today. I’d never used this Google’s product and hoping to get more of visitors. Not at all.

The only thing i was doing is focusing on writing the contents. Since it was a Photoshop tutorials blog, the content itself must be contain with images like what i did in this blog to help other’s learning process. I will also admit that writing in our own language is easier, so each contents i was publishing reached at least one thousand word.

So, the secret must be the content itself.

That is my technique to get the traffics and i am sure, that is also why most bloggers invest more of their times in building a blog or website. The content still being a king which is also the reason why visitors keep coming.

When i was writing, the only main focus of mind is i don’t repeat the words many times to get my readers not to be bored. I don’t also want to make search engine value my contents consist of stuffing keywords. But, if i did it, especially in this blog, please just understand that mostly i just don’t care since English makes me confuse for many times.😁

From this experience, you have known that by using sub domain blog, consists not until 20 articles, you are capable to get hundreds of visitor that drive thousands of pageviews in a month and you may say, no backlinks at all. If you are buying a domain name for your blog, i believe you’ll get more visitors since it will help in building your brand and also most trustable.

You also must be have other experiences or techniques to get many traffics to your blog. And, if you have even one, hope you’ll want to share it with others through comment below. Thank you. #Love.

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