How Calm The Blue Sea You Have Ever Saw? This 3 Photos Of Mine May Help You Remember

I was born and raised in one of beautiful island in Indonesia which is Tomia Island located in Wakatobi Regency, Province of South East Sulawesi. The regency area itself is about 18.377 km² wide. The most interesting thing about it is 97% of the area is the wide seaspan.

Behind of home where i am living here is the sea itself or you may say it as beach, literally. Even though i don’t know much about the sea, but traveling to other close or far islands in windy plus big wavy season is what most of us frequently doing for many reasons.

Couple of months ago in 2016, i was asked by my cousin to go for fishing at the southern of one of closer island called as Lentea. What he was offering really tempting to me since it still be my favorite activity until today. We agreed to go by mid night and planned to spend the night on boat we’ll be using. At where spot will be the boat anchored, there we’ll catching fishes and sleeping.

That time the sea is calm and even so quiet.

Sadly, he was calling me on afternoon that not more than an hour, we have to go for fishing. By that time, i was preparing to go with my friends since i have made a promise before. So, there’s nothing i can do to left the island. He then asked my another cousin and they both went fishing together. On the following morning, my uncle which is father’s of cousin asked me to go fishing told me that he was calling his father for help because the boat’s machine they used is broken. The only way they could go home was by coming to them.

For your information, the spot where the boat lied at anchor is about an hour and half to reach. I don’t even know the speed of boat i and other families used at that moment. So, we were preparing some of spare parts that we think could be used to repair the machine. And, we were ready to go.

Sorry for the looooooong intro before look at photos as written in title above. I think it might need to tell the story. This is my post, anyway.😆😆😆

We were leaving the island at about 11 AM. After 45 minutes left, the sea was as usual, deep blue in color and a bit of ripples on the surface. And since it wasn’t a wave’s season, then our rescue trip was fine. Not long after that, i saw a calming sea. Not only the sea itself that was calm, but i also felt as calm as it looks. I don’t know if i am being hyperbole here. But, that’s for true and even more than that. I have no ideas what you will think when you see the images. Maybe you will also feels the same. Or maybe not.😁

Here is the first for this beautiful shiny day where image taken using phone’s camera.


And, this is the second one.


And, the last one is:


Here’s the looks of how the way of our boats were going back to the island, safety.



Thank you for read this article, calmly.

2 Replies to “How Calm The Blue Sea You Have Ever Saw? This 3 Photos Of Mine May Help You Remember”

  1. Wooww.. nice pictures…

    Are you a photographer? It is always nice to meet someone who has a same hobby..

    1. Thank you for stopping by and drop a meaningful comment, mr. Anton. Your photographs are also lovely and show many beautiful things that i have never saw before. Not to mention the story behind your images.

      Yes, i’m a silent reader of your lovelybogor’s blog 😉

      But frankly, surely i am not a photographer at all. I just have a phone’s camera and most of the time, i’d love capturing the moment.

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