Komodo Liveaboard Package For Your Next Traveling Plan

Komodo liveaboard may seems as simple as living and traveling on the boat, but actually more than that you could be experienced. This traveling package is also one of the popular tour offer you could get when visiting the Komodo Island.

For those who don’t know a bit about the Komodo Island as well as the Komodo liveaboard, the places are where you can directly meet the komodo dragons where as I believe this is the biggest lizard on earth so far.

Komodo dragon at Komodo Island
Living Komodo dragon at Komodo Island.

In case you want to experiencing the Komodo liveaboard or have been planning to that, you need to get yourself to the Komodo Island first. It is situated at the Flores Isands, Province of East Nusa Tenggara. Administratively, it is being a part of District of Komodo in West Manggarai Regency where you could directly flight whether from Bali or maybe Province of West Nusa Tenggara (Lombok).

The regency area itself is an archipelago consists of some islands that are interesting to be visited. And has more than 3,000 komodo dragons living separately or at different islands. The word of “Komodo” is not only the name of the lizards and the island, but also the name of the original tribe called as “Suku Komodo” (Tribe of Komodo). Some of the tribe members are believing that they have the same mother with this lizards so they could communicate with them. Not sure about this, but I’ve found many online articles talking about this. Surely I don’t believe the information without compromising my respect for all the tribe members.

Komodo Island is also one of the island included in Komodo National Park that was founded in 1980 for protecting the komodo dragons and their original habitat. Later it also improved and dedicated to protect the other species including marine life. It is also one of the island that declared by the UNESCO in 1991 as one of the World Heritage Site.

And YES, it also included as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2011.

Komodo liveaboard tour package
Komodo Island view from top of the hill.

Some of the uniqueness and privileges I have been mentioned above are making the Komodo Island as one of the best destination for your next traveling. And according to that plan, it would be better to not only getting to one island if you have the chance to visit some or maybe all of them. That’s why you need the Komodo Liveaboard as I also have mentioned earlier.

in order to make that dream comes true, you may need to check the Komodo Liveaboard package from Hello Flores.

In the site where you could visit through the link above, you could choose which traveling package that suit you related to the komodo liveaboard that allow you not only living and visiting the islands, but also there are many attractions are available.

Let’s say you are not only want to monitor the komodo dragons just a few meters in front of your eyes, but also enjoy the Pink Beach that only existed for about hundred in the world. You could also getting close to nature by visiting the waterfall, diving and snorkeling under the clear sea water surrounded by some beautiful coral reefs and fishes. And many more from only this Komodo liveaboard.

There are also about 8 boats you can choose to accompany you in traveling. Feel free to choose one. One of the fact about those boats is, the design was inspired by the traditional Phinisi boat from indonesia. So I think it will not only as your exotic trip but also the ultimate one.

So check you calendar right away then plan your trip for the next vacation. And keep remember to include this Komodo Liveaboard in your list. Hope to see you there.

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