Lightweight Hammock For About $70, Does It Worth It?

Taking a lightweight hammock while traveling is really recommended especially when visiting the “land of nowhere” such as adventuring into the deep of forest, hiking to the top of the mountain, or simply just to relax your body whether at your backyard or another outdoor space like a public park if permitted for your refreshment. I have found that the hammock itself could be taken home in price of around $70. Whether it will be worth it or become one of your and my best traveling investment or not, we’ll dig into it a moment later.

I am not doing some online dept research to this related topic, but I do believe that mostly (or maybe all?!) the term of the lightweight hammock is somehow related to all the hammock products in the market. It is because of its main function which is to provide the mattress for taking a rest and sleeping on the way to your travel destination in a lightweight fashion. Especially when it comes to compares it with the tent that we know will be a burden itself when bringing it.

The price for the lightweight hammock that I found online actually is $ 70.52. If you spend that amount of money, then you will get the stuffs such below:

  1. A single hammock with the measure of 320×155 cm or 10’5″x4’11”
  2. The block-fabric colors will be in 2 and each of both consists of  24 colors.
  3. You will get the hooks for both directions.
  4. Nope, you ain’t has the sleeve.
  5. Last but not least, the above price also has been included with the rope. The Moonrope (Nautical rope) to be exact according to the site I have visited.

The above 5 specifications are not all that you could get since the other technical informations have not been mentioned. The hammock itself will be carrying the capacity up to 500 kg or 440 lbs which makes me feels so amazed. And the warranty for that is up to 10 years. Another interesting thing about this is, its weight is not more than 500 g or 16.6 oz. That is why I am keep calling it as the lightweight hammock.

The material is made of the high grade parachute nylon which well-known as the best so far according to many informations I could get including in the site as my main reference.

All of above I have mentioned are the specifications I need so far in term of the lightweight hammock that I could bring anywhere as I want. And surely it is foldable and could be put into my own backpack.

This lightweight hammock is from the Ticket To The Moon (TTTM) that you could visit at

The site is originally the manufacturer of the camping hammock, based in Bali since 1996. And the material I’ve told is actually admitted as the signature range of TTTM that is durable, elastic, breathable, anti-mildew, and skin-friendly according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

The lightweight hammock is also using the local materials and the manufacturer is also applied the innovative recycling methods so it will has the minimal impact to the environment. I mean, it is safe both for your personal usage or to the nature. Sounds good to me.

The above measure of the lightweight hammock is for the single usage. But if you think that it could be fit for the double-usage and without exceeding the capacity, feel free to try it at the safer place. Surely no need to give it a try on the vertical side of the high brink. Nope.

The site of TTTM itself has been reaching the market in 2 languages which are English and French. And to buy their lightweight hammock, they served their customers in 3 currencies for now (USD, Euro, and Indonesian Rupiah).

Other products related to this light design of hammock sometimes will be spent you more with the same accessories or gears. So it will also become the plus for what the TTTM has been done.

Not yet find any of the weakness of this lightweight hammock, although there must be at least for one. But as a whole, I would recommended this for you and the others. I mean, there must be more of its advantages than the opposite, right?

Overall, in answering the question about “does it worth it to take this lightweight hammock back to home?”, then I think you should have known it. A really big YES from me.

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