Lightweight Hammock Tarp Or The Ultralight One?

The more lighter of your luggage while travelling, the more comfort for you to move and may also helps you to reach your destination very quickly. As you are usually bringing your own hammock with you, one of the accessory that is also needs to be brought along with the hammock is the lightweight hammock tarp itself.

Many have known that there are at least 2 main functions of the lightweight hammock tarp. They are to help you laying down comfortably without having to deal with the dazzling sunshine although you may cover your eyes with the sunglass or your t-shirt beside you and also to prevents you getting wet by the rains or snows.

I have published in my previous article about the lightweight hammock. There I have mentioned that the hammock itself could be as lighter as 500 g. So in order to have more lighter luggage, especially if you are deciding to buy or bring your hammock tarp, it is better if it could be as an ultralight one if possible. Don’t you agree with that?

But if you could get the ultralight hammock tarp, then at least it couldn’t even reach a kilogram in its weight. For me, it doesn’t matter if the tarp is more than the lightweight hammock itself in weight, moreover its material could be made of the coated waterproof nylon polyester where I know it has its own weight that might different with the others.

This material and also the tarp itself that I found online at least has the ridge line loops that allows it to carry the capacity up to 5 Kg. And I thought it was more than enough to what you wish that a hammock tarp could has.

I know that the ultralight tarp sounds a good product to have, but when it comes out with the price for around $135, then I think to just have more of the hammock itself than just a tarp. Surely the product will had a powerful specifications, but if you just using your “swinging bed” simply just for non-extreme outdoor activities, then using the lightweight hammock tarp is more than enough fro me.

And to be honest, the lightweight one is also powerful and even supported by the present of its warranty that could reach up to 10 years long against defects in workmanship and materials. And by the way, I have no idea why the ultralight one is not telling me about this.

For me as an amateur traveler if I could describe my travelling life, as a start and even for the advanced usage, using the lightweight hammock tarp is also being my own recommendation to others. But, if any of you have a different thought about this, it would be nice to know it through the comment below.

Last but not least, I am going to ask you about which one to be chosen between the lightweight hammock tarp and the ultralight one? Which one describes you the most related to your needs and financial’s condition?

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