Linda Ikeji’s Blog Now Has Changed, These Are 5 Of Them

Blogging has been changing people’s life. Most of what i heard and read about it is, its goodness. And i think i never heard about the opposite before. Maybe just my less experiences in online reading or just other bloggers not yet published their failures.

Among of many successful bloggers across the web, there is one strong and beautiful woman from Lagos, Nigeria. Who else if not, Linda Ikeji.

Her blog at lindaikejisblog now for me has massive changes since the latest i have accessed. And, there are at least 10 changes as i have seen that make make her blog taken to the next level.

1. Not using WWW in her domain name

I don’t know for sure whats the main reason many web owner including Linda Ikeji not displaying the www before domain name. Many of bloggers said that it will useful for SEO.

2. Change the template/theme

Still using red textured image as her blog background but overall, the homepage now is cleaner and easier than before to navigate. Not yet shown the header menus as before and i don’t really care about it. The archieve’s gadget have been removed, also with other gadgets or widgets.

3. LindaIkejiTV and her social network? placed on the top of navigation bar

I’ve known about the TV which is her youtube channel but last night was the first time for me knowing that now she has a social network site. Just visited for a moment and not yet signed up.

4. Ads placement

Although there are still many advertisements put in the blog, but i think they are not even a matter at all for me. I don’t know others, but i am pretty sure that i understand you, Linda.

5. No more “Powered by Blogger” as its blog’s attribution

I believe her blog now still hosted by Google. According to HostAdvice, the blog is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. The atribution itself has changed to â“’Copyright LindaIkeji 2017. She probably have upgraded her hosting plan.

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That’s the 5 changes of what Linda Ikeji have applied to her blog, so far. Although, they aren’t all of them, but i believe that those are will be the most noticed especially by the Blogger. Thank you for reading.

So, how far have you change your blog appearance?

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