Make Money Blogging: Maybe Google Adsense Is NOT For Me or Maybe Just NOT YET!

Since couple years ago, I have known that blogging could help many bloggers and online content writers to get some money. If they taking it seriously, most of the times I found that they all then making it as a full time job. Some of them even have been decided to get their self out from work that have helped and supported their live all that times. A small part of them like me still struggling so hard to make it as a dream job where you can still filling in your pocket with dollars while enjoying the beautiful natural view at Maldives. What a dream!

I have also¬†tried to earn some bucks, online. Not from advertisement network like Google Adsense or its alternatives. I wrote in a blog about local business in Indonesia which is my country and put a free ads in olx to sell my service as a content writer for some topics to catch a client. Not sure how long does it worked, but maybe about one or two days later, I’ve got a mail from someone (a woman) whom interested with my ads and willing to see an example of my work. I then sent her my blog link through email so she could assess my writing.

That time, it looked like I’m in luck. She was love the way I write and directly want to buy some with non-negotiable price. I am not sure again how much contents she needed. If I recall my mind, the range is about 10 to 15 articles that should be done in a week. Anyway, that time she was ordering to write about tourism since she needed the articles for her traveling business. And, I think it is not a problem at all since this topic is one of that I desired of.

Then, I started working on them. I sent each articles right after it finished so she can read and put one or some revisions if needed. And thanks God, she never made me work twice in an article.

That the first time I know how to earn money even tough not completely or 100% online such as from ads network or getting my blog spaces rent by the business owner to display their products or services in my blog.

From many blogs I have reading about how to build a successful blog, I then made some niche blogs that I believe could create the contents and have knowledge in them. I was creating them all using Google’s sub-domain blog (Blogger/Blogspot). Instead of multiplying the examples of my writing in various objects to get more clients, I was affected by the amount of money that the other bloggers capable to earn from Google Adsense (GA).

I spent months and maybe reached a year to build the blogs. That time, I was planning not to get rushed for signing up my blogs to have a GA’s account. The two things I’m concerned according to my plan are to write more and get more traffics as possible. Missions accomplished. Although, the visitors just thousands in a month, but based on the other blogger experiences, that is enough to get the minimum payout threshold in Indonesia which is $100. Assuming that about 200-300 of my visitors gladly to click the ad. What a worst plan!

So far, I think all what I have built are not against the GA rules especially when dealing with content creation and plagiarism. So, I think I should register one of my blogs for GA.

I was preparing all the basic datas needed to fill the online form and sent it right away after done. That time, to know that I get approved or not, I waited about two days. I checked my email the next day while hoping that my blog should have been accepted by Google. And, the result is …

… Low quality content, and that, and this, bla bla bla, etc.

For your information, most of articles I have shared contain about 700 words in minimal. I know that it is not about how much words you have put in an article, but I also won’t publish them if I have not enough data, supported files such as image and video, blog pages and navigation, etc.

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Caused of this first denial, I then question myself that why not give a try for another blog? That time, maybe I have had 5 blogs or more but not ’till 10. So, I still have about 4 or more to go. I started registering my second blog and also waited for two days long for the result.

And, Nope!

Second denial was coming. That also happened for the next 3rd and 4th blogs. After that, I decided not to sign up for awhile ’till now. Maybe, it is true that I should make high quality contents for the readers. I should learn about an article structures and get myself know more about what I am about to publish to the audiences. But, there is also one question I have in mind, that is …

Why other blogs I was reading have less contents that contain less words in each articles than mine APPROVED?

I am not assuming that mine is better than the others. Not at all. Is it just me that don’t understand at all or am I really out of luck?!

What I am doing now is improving my writing and other supported skills or knowledges about blogging. And, still hoping that one day, there will be one person or two who will tell my mistake(s) or maybe over times, I will find my own formula to get my blog accepted by Google Adsense.

I am just curious about this.

Since blogging is still become a positive activity that I am enjoying, I will try my best to keep updates and bring more benefits to the other if I could. Whether one day this will help me earn money online or not, I hope not to lose motivations and support from anyone.

If you are a blogger and have something to say, fly me a message through email or simply put your comment below.

That’s my story.

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