My Rainy Day Photography: A Moment Where Memories Are Back



There are so much photography’s art works in this world. Whether an abstract, still life, product, etc. Among many that i have seen, i found my self interesting and trying to make one of them if i could using my phone’s camera or borrowing my cousin’s and friend’s tool.

Since i still can’t buy such a DSLR one and find the right moment, using phone is really helpful for freezing time.

One of those moments i love taking pictures is when it’s raining. Most of that time, i directly get my self out of the house or just simply observing objects by the window. I love when seeing water falling from sky above and touch the point of roof-tile, water splashing on the ground or just dropped on the window’s glasses.

The last one i have mentioned is my favorite one because when using phone camera, you don’t need to get your self rushed by the moving objects so you could shot, calmly.

From the first image above until the last one, all are my own shot. I don’t know what you’ll thing about them but at least i have tried my best. Some images (3 to be exact) have been edited using Photoshop. Sometimes, i just converted it to black and white and the other blended using gradient map to just change the image’s tone and color.



The reason i changed it to the B&W; is i think the image i have been taken give more deep feeling when i see it and have more of whatever messages it may be delivered or felt. That’s what see, feel and think and thus might be different with you as well. Changing tone and color are also gave me another perspective to an image. When seeing an original image and give one or more wonders of Photoshop, what i feel as its result is also not the same as before.



Dark or light and cold or warm, through photography, you may finds what you are feeling and thinking about.



I don’t know you, but this moment is perfect for me to express my own confusion whether to think about something or maybe still hoping for someone.



A camera plus rainy day is always perfect for me. And, when it is raining, i believe many of us at least will find a song sung by those who miss the one they love and care so much. My pleasure to have you here. 💗

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