Photo Studio Bali – Worth Trying And My First Recommendation

Photo Studio Bali – If you were tired of finding the photography’s studio or photo booth in Bali, then this article could be help you in saving your time as well as my own first recommendation among all existing studios. This studio is possible to be rented for hourly and also daily to support your need. And not only that since you are also capable to rent the available cameras and lenses, so you need not to worry about bringing your own stuffs or buy the new one.

When writing about this Bali’s photo studio – Whether the informations you’ll read are useful or not – the studio itself located at Seminyak. To be exact, it is at Jalan Plawa No.8A, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung – Bali 80361. About a minute from the main street of Seminyak for real. I mean, the studio location is near to this central business area if you need it and of course just about 2-3 minutes ahead to the beach. So it probably close to your villa or hotel where you are staying right now. The restaurants around are pretty much easier to find as well. So the photo studio Bali itself is also supported by its beneficial surroundings.

This studio are presented by Kesato & Co as one of the digital agency based in Bali. And one of the available service you could get is renting a photo studio Bali for your various need.

Photo studio in Bali
Photo Studio Bali. Image from Kesato.Com

You could use it for your indoor photography concept, taking your wedding images, using it for the product photography to support your industry and many more where you are freely to use the studio as needed. And according to the product shooting, there is also the related service to provide you the high quality image for variety of purpose such as retail and catalogue if you don’t know how and likely need a help for that. Photo editing is also available in separated service for affordable prices in case you need to retouch your pictures.

This photo studio Bali is 8 meters long and 5 meters wide with 2 air conditioners, streamer, changing room and available backdrop in white, black, red, and green. Yes I am getting those informations directly from the site. So if you need more of it, feel free to visit the studio through above link.

I’ve been taking pictures in this photo studio as well. And to be honest, this is my first photo studio i’ve tried in Bali. So that it also has became not only worth to try if you need one but also my first recommendation if you need this Bali’s photo studio. The team are also welcome and solid, and will gladly to hear your needs in using the studio.

So far, that’s all I need to tell you about this photo studio in Seminyak, Bali. For more informations include the services, prices, and other related informations that I haven’t been mentioned above, feel free to directly go to the site right now.

If you have something to say according to this photo studio Bali, my pleasure to read your thought in below comment. Thank you and hope this article worth of your times.

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