3 Sites I Have Used to Compress PDF Files Online

If you are a student of school or university, business owner or just a regular guy works in an office, dealing with PDF file format may be one of common thing you are dealing with in your daily schedules. Or, at least you will working with it once a week. The main point is, you almost can’t get out of it, right?

Compressing PDF files can help you in one thing and this is also the main reason why i and you should do this. You can SAVE more spaces in your drive!

Imagine you are having more than 500 PDF files or maybe thousands!? And, what if most of them had at least 10 MB as minimal capacity that could consume your drive’s space. Some of us like students or maybe researchers can have more than I have ever think, so with people working in a government office as i have seen.

In the future, you may need to buy the new one laptop or an external drive just because you have such condition as above. I know you can also upload and store your files online. But, how many accounts you need to make since online storage give you limited spaces. Or, are you willing to subscribe and pay monthly to get more spaces?

If not, that’s why i published this article.

From many sites that you could access to compress your PDF files, i have just tested 3 of them. I also won’t give you an in-depth review of them or any kind of comparisons. Not at all. These sites are:

  1. SmallPDF.com
  2. ILovePDF.com, and
  3. PDFCompressor.com

The ordered list above shows you that the first one is my own priority because it has many online tools regarding to PDF’s file format. The result i got when compressing PDF file are various, but all of those reduced the original size until more than 50% which is good and really helpful for me.

The quality itself is not a matter at all since the fonts are readable and the pictures inside the file are still ok to me. Give your self times to go and explore many tools in those sites because you can also convert your PDF files to word/doc, PPT, and many more.

Do you have other experiences or sites to compress PDF files online? Let me know in the comment below. Thank you.

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