Tomia Island In Wakatobi: 5 Photos Of Common Daily Sea View



As one of island that geographically located in Wakatobi Regency, Indonesia, Tomia Island provide sea view as its daily and common sight to please your eyes. I have taken many images before and mostly used phone since can’t afford the expensive one yet. Photographs you can see in this post may not the best, but i hope they can at least serve you informations about how the island looks and a bit seascape dream if you are planning to come here, someday.

All images taken behind my parent’s and grandparent’s house where i was raising including the above picture.



The boat shown on above image mostly used by the fishermen and also help the ship’s passengers to land on the nearest bridge if in wave’s season where the ships are hard to enter to bridge area. The main gate of the ships to entering the bridge shown on the very left of image after the white pillar building.



When in low tide, some parts of the sea will be appeared to surface and it will be shown for about one km long. If you are lucky enough when traveling to Tomia Island, you may also see a parked ship(s) waiting to be repaired or just shipwrecks that have left by the owner and don’t know what to do about it.

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And, when in high tide, seems like all the sea’s surface are the same as anywhere else.



Got interested to traveling to Tomia Island in Wakatobi? Hope you can be here one day.

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